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Stataway 2 (for Plastic pipe)

  Stataway 1
Multi Purpose Antistatic Spray
 Stataway 1 MULTI PURPOSE Antistatic solution is available ready to use in pint trigger sprayers (SA-1-29), plastic gallons (SA-1-05) and 5-gallon pails (SA-1-06)


Stataway Type 1 Multi Purpose is an easy, long-lasting and inexpensive topical antistatic spray used for dissipating, removing and preventing static charges. It protects equipment by preventing dust attraction, and removes static charges from garments and upholstery. It is safe to use in manufacturing facilities for static control (Type 2 is formulated for use on polyethylene gas piping.)

A natural phenomenon, static is the primary cause of many problems such as: shock resulting from walking across a carpet; destruction of sensitive electronic components or machinery; and the danger of ignition of combustible vapors, powders or dust.

• The attraction of dirt, dust and bacteria to all surfaces, including product packages.
• Damage or destruction of sensitive electronic components and subassemblies during manufacture, testing, packaging, shipping or receiving.
• Data processing equipment memory loss, pre-triggering, changes in function, data errors, paper jams and other “glitches.”
• Jamming or slipping of paper, plastics or other materials during printing, packaging or converting.
• Ignition of combustible vapors, dust or solvents, causing fire or explosion.
• Work benches and production surfaces in electronic manufacturing and repair facilities will triboelectric charge electronic components, assemblies or their handling containers in contact and separation with a surface thereby creating a discharge.
• Static build-up in fabrics, clothing, undergarments, and furnishings which causes clinging, shocks, sparking.

Stataway 1
Color Very slight amber/clear
Approximate cloud point 30oF
Approximate solidification point 20oF
Solubility in water Complete
Dilution compatibility Water, hard or soft
Density, lbs/gal 8.3
Specific Gravity 250C/400C 0.98
pH 7-8
Non-toxic, non-flammable, safe to use, non-staining

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