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Leak-Tec: Thin Film Bubble Testing Solutions
Thin film leak testing is the most common and one of the most reliable methods of detecting and locating leaks. Thin film bubble testing has many inherent advantages:

It is easy to use and requires little operator training.
It is inexpensive to use and not subject to break down like complex instrumentation.
It operates immediately and continues to give indications.
It can be extremely sensitive, finding leaks down to 1 x 10-6 (.000001) standard cc/second. The equivalent of losing a pound of Freon every 2,700 years.

Sonic 3000: Ultrasonic Leak Detector
Leaks and other vibration sources produce a very broad band of ultrasonic noise. This frequency is well above the sounds which the human ear can hear. The Sonic 3000 has been set to translate those frequencies into an audible output. It can be used to solve a number of different maintenance and quality problems.

Advantages of the Sonic 3000:
It can be used to detect a flow or leak of any gas or liquid
It can detect leaks rapidly and at distances up to 100 feet
It requires little operator training
It can locate internal as well as external leaks.
It can accurately locate vacuum or pressure leaks
It makes irregular, shaped or very large fittings easy to test.
It can detect internal arcing from faulty electrical equipment.
It works at low and high temperatures
It can find intermittent leaks which many other techniques cannot
It can detect leaks in overhead lines, buried pipes and in unpressurized areas.
Its versatility means increased employee productivity and less need for costly specialized equipment.
It is portable, passive, non-destructive, non-intrusive and requires no cleanup.

By lowering the surface tension and increasing the wetting ability of water, a leak in a pressurized immersed vessel will generate a steady stream of tiny bubbles instead of an occasional larger bubble as with untreated water. Small leaks will produce bubble indications that are impossible with normal water. The CIM series will not foam, will not support bacteria growth and are formulated to prevent corrosion. Although their use is recommended with deionized water, they are chelated to be compatible with hard water. Immersit additives are biodegradable.

Tracer Dyes
Tracer Dyes are mixed with water or oil to be tested for leakage at its source. If the dye appears where there may have been a leak, the leak is proven. Tracer dyes are used in rivers, in toilets, in oil pipelines, and sewer systems.

Handheld Gas Tracers for  Combustible & Toxic Gases
Tracers are available depending on the gas to be found. These tracers are:
Sensitive - well below the OSHA limits and lower explosive limits. In some gases the tracers will detect gases in quantities as low as one part per million.
They have been designed to be low maintenance and easy to use.
They are dependable, tough and rugged.
They are priced to be AFFORDABLE
They are designed to be easy to operate and learn.

Personnel Protection Indicators
Wearable and Disposable.
Protect yourself against dangerous gases with an instant reading detector. An immediate color change is shown in the presence of specific toxic gases.
Indicators are available for the following toxic gases:
Carbon Monoxide
Nitrogen Dioxide
Hydrogen Sulfide

PiNPOiNT Colormetric Developers
Colormetric leak testing is useful for locating and measuring gas leaks either as a quality control test for as a field inspection procedure. It can be used to test critical parts or containers that will hold toxic or explosive gases or liquids or as a quick test for other containers.
Colormetric developers are paints that are sprayed or brushed onto the welds and joints of a container. A tracer gas is introduced inside the container. Where a weld or joint is leaking, the outside paint changes color to clearly indicate where a leak is present. AGC offers several formulas:
ADP-219: Ammonia Developer. To be used with ASNT Standard E1066, Standard Test Method for Ammonia Testing.
WDP-207: Water Detecting Paint
ODP-210: Oil Detecting Paint
CDP-100: Chlorine Developer

SBG-200 Wall Mounted Gas Monitor
Monitor over 100 combustible and toxic gases including:
Ammonia, Butane, Carbon Monoxide, Ethylene Oxide, Gasoline, Hydrogen, Methane, Propane, Natural Gas, Sulfur Dioxide, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Acetone.
The SBG-200 is a solid state, completely self-contained monitor capable of detecting gases. Several sensors are available which allow it to be calibrated to alarm at gas concentrations well below their lower explosive level or OSHA ceiling. The monitor provides its own visual and audible alarms as well as meter indication of gas concentrations. A relay contact is provided to allow the SBG-200 to connect with a central alarm system or turn on emergency apparatus.

Flaw Finder Inspection Penetrants
Inspection Penetrants are a safe, sure, fast, easy sensitive low cost way to find hidden defects in any non-porous solid. All metals can be tested in this way. Penetrants highlight flaws and leaks that are open to the surface and are too small to see by normal visual inspection. Inspection penetrants show the presence, location, nature and size of defects. Penetrants are convenient. They can travel anywhere in the field or be used where work space is limited. Penetrants can be used on very large or complex items, indoors or outdoors.
Penetrants are used worldwide by quality control, welding, NDT and maintenance personnel. Almost all industries which work with metal rely partially or exclusively on inspection penetrants. Some of these industries are: engine manufacturers and rebuilders, ship builders, train builders, primary metal producers, metal fabricators, machine tool manufacturers, etc.

TSI-301 Lubricant
TSI-301 is a specially formulated lubricant which sinks into the pores of metal. Very little is required to take advantage of its excellent lubricating properties. Even when the surface of metal appears to be dry, the TSI-301 is present, doing its job. It creates a thin film which tends to uproot corrosion or contaminants. It bonds itself to the surface of the metal through physical adsorption reducing surface tension, practically eliminating friction and reducing wear. It does not build up into gummy deposits. Some advantages over other lubricants are:

TSI-301 Cleans away rust and contamination better
Low viscosity means
superior lubrication efficiency
Does not attract dust, dirt or lint
Displaces water better
wear protection
Wider temperature range (-60F to +450F)
Reduced residue
Less flash and fire hazard. It has
no flash point. It is safe to use near fires and hot metals.
Withstands extreme pressure
Does not conduct electricity (anti-static)
Prevents seizure
Will not stain

Fluoro-Finder III Shot Peen Tracer
Shot Peening improves metal and weldment resistance to fatigue, stress corrosion cracking and galling. To provide this benefit, it is important that shot peen coverage be uniform and complete. A liquid tracer (Fluoro-Finder III) provides a coating which is removed at a rate proportional to peening coverage, providing visual feedback on the uniformity and completeness of peening coverage. Fluoro-Finder III, has a pigment which fluoresces under ultraviolet light making the determination of the degree or percentage of coverage quick, easy and foolproof. Use of this tracer eliminates the need for 200-percent coverage in order to be assured of complete peening.

Stataway Anti-Static Topical Sprays
Two different formulations have been created to dissipate unwanted static charges:
Stataway 1 is a multipurpose antistatic spray. It is an easy, long-lasting and inexpensive topical antistatic spray used for dissipating, removing and preventing static charges. It protects equipment by preventing dust attraction, and removes static charges from garments and upholstery. It is safe to use in manufacturing facilities for static control.
Stataway 2 is an easy, long lasting and inexpensive topical antistatic spray used for removing and preventing static charges on polyethylene gas piping.

Water Detection & Hydrostatic Testing
We have many different water detectors each with a technology designed to solve your problem. We have a PiNPOiNT paint (WDP-218) that will change color when water is present. We have a PiNPOiNT aerosol (WDP-217) which will change color when water is present. We have a Tel-Tox WRAP, which when wrapped around a pipe or a joint will change color to alert you to the presence of water.  We have a number of EZ-Trace Tracer Dyes which when added to water will give a fluorescent or color indication when a water leak is occuring.  We have self-developing Leak Tracers for piping systems (FA-1A and GA-1A). These contain corrosion inhibitors, chelating agents, mold inhibitors and water soluable powders which will show the exact point extent of leakage long after the water evaporates.  See our hydrostatic page for more information and for links to buy these products.






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