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  Tel-Tox Color Change WRAPS  

A package of Tel-Tox Wraps contains ten (10) 10” strips of sensitized paper with self adhesive tabs at each end. These are intended to be wrapped around a connection (large or small) that might be leaking. If it is leaking an extreme visible color change will occur at the point of the leak, making it easy to see where the leak is coming from. Wraps work right out of the package - there is no activation required.


STORAGE: Keep Tel-Tox Wraps sealed in the plastic bag until use since traces of contaminated air can affect the color change reaction. Tel-Tox Wrap shelf life is six months.

OTHER FACTORS: Low humidity (below 30% relative humidity) or low temperatures (below 50oF) may slow down the reaction of the indicator. High air currents may dilute a small leak.

REUSE: After changing color the indicator may appear to regenerate when removed from the contaminated environment. However, the indicator’s chemicals may have been depleted and it may react unpredictably after an exposure. We do not advise reusing a wrap that has gone through a color change even if it appears to have regenerated.

WARNING: These Tel-Tox Wraps are intended for use by industrial personnel to provide them with a visible indication of the leak of a substance. It is designed to operate in high concentrations and it is not to be used as a warning device for sudden dangerous concentrations. Be sure to read the SDS and Safety Leaflet thoroughly before use.


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