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  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)  

Flammable Limits in Air: 4.3-45% (by volume)
CAS # 7783-06-4
OSHA Ceiling 20ppm
Peak 50ppm/10 minutes
TLV/TWA 10ppm
TLV/STEL 15ppm
TLV/IDLH 100ppm
NIOSH Ceiling 10 ppm/10 minutes
Evacuation over 65ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide is a colorless, very flammable gas. In low concentrations it smells like "rotten eggs" however the sense of smell is lost after 2-15 minutes of exposure making it impossible to smell dangerous concentrations. It is heavier than air. It is considered to be a very toxic gas. When H2S burns it produces another very toxic gas - Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). H2S is used in metallurgy, the preparation of phosphorous and oil additives, as well as a reagent in chemical analysis. During the recovery and processing of crude oil, H2S can contaminate the atmosphere and become a major health hazard.


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