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  SBG-200 Wall Mounted Gas Monitor  

The SBG-200 is an affordable solid-state completely self-contained monitor capable of detecting a variety of toxic and flammable gases and vapors. Several sensors are available which allow it to be calibrated to alarm at gas concentrations well below their lower explosive limit or OSHA ceiling.


Operating Controls & Indicators
Common Gas Setpoints
Part Number and Ordering Information
Gas Testing Glossary

The monitor provides its own visual and audible alarms as well as meter indication of gas concentrations. Contacts are provided to allow it to connect to a central alarm system or to turn on emergency apparatus.
The SBG-200 is easy: plugs into a 110v outlet - no installation is necessary, one switch controls all user functions, and it can be wall mounted for permanent installation or moved from area to area as required.

Operating Controls & Indicators

The high quality taut band meter provides a continuous indication of the concentration of hazardous gas in the area. The meter is divided into three separate zones of safety. The meter is intended to register concentration levels relative to the calibration point requested. The red zone indicates concentrations of gas or vapor above the danger level. The unitís alarm and calibration point is set to occur at the border of the red and the yellow zones. When the needle enters the yellow or caution zone, the SBG-200 is sensing gas or vapor concentrations within 20% of the calibration alarm point.

Light and Sound Alarms
When the SBG-200 senses gas concentrations at or above, the calibration point as represented by the red zone on the meter, the red alarm light will flash and a high frequency sound alarm built into the top of the unit will sound. The sound alarm emits a pulsating shriek. In order to reduce false alarms, it has a built in 12 second time delay after an alarm condition exists. If during this 12 second period the gas concentration falls below the critical level, the unit will not alarm.

Three Position Control Switch
The black control switch on the front of the unit allows control of three separate functions.

Stand-By: This function (the switch in its bottom position) allows the user to monitor the atmosphere as indicated by the meter, but cuts off all audible and visible alarms as well as the relay. Stand-by should be used when the unit is being stabilized to prevent false alarms. Stand-by can also be helpful when checking the calibration of the unit or when cleaning up a hazardous condition which is already known to exist.

Sensing: This middle position is the normal switch position when the unit is in full operation.

Reset: This top position is a momentary setting which will automatically move back to the sensing position. The reset position is required to turn off the alarms and to restore the relay to its normal setting. Without manually moving the switch into reset, the alarm functions (if they are set for latching) will remain latched in the event they should go on.

Relay Control
The SBG-200 comes with a high reliability relay circuit which can be used to connect the monitor to a central alarm system, turn on a remote alarm, or turn on a small emergency device. The relay connection is located on the bottom of the unit. This relay does not provide power, but instead acts as a switch to turn on something which is already powered. This switch is rated to withstand power up to 6.0 amps at 120 volts AC. A mating connector is also provided which can be used to attach the relay to wires running from the remote device.

The SBG-200 uses a solid state high reliability sensor which is located either on the bottom portion of the unit enclosed in the black housing or at the end of the optional sensor extension. Under most conditions your sensor is sufficiently protected from dust and other contaminants. It should give you trouble free service for many years. Several sensors are available. When monitoring particularly hazardous or corrosive environments or locate the sensor at an alternate point, the SBG-200 is available on an optional basis with the sensor mounted on a cable which can be extended from the monitor up to a distance of 100 feet depending upon the application. The sensor operates by diffusion. It is very stable over time.

Power Light
A green power light on the front of the unit indicates that the unit is functioning when it is lighted.

The SBG-200 is provided with rubber feet so that it can be conveniently moved from location to location. Screw slots are provided on the back for permanent wall mounting

Common SBG Gas Setpoints

Acetone 1000 ppm (4% LEL)
Acetylene 750 (5% LEL) -10,000 ppm
Ammonia 50 ppm
Benzene 2-750 ppm
Butane 500-3000 ppm (20% LEL)
Butoxy Ethanol 25-40 ppm
Butyl Acetate (n-Butyl Acetate) 100 ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 50-200 ppm
Ethyl Acetate 400 ppm
Ethylene Oxide (ETO) 1-20 ppm
Ethyl Ether 400 ppm
Formaldehyde 10 ppm
Freon 11 (R-11) 250 ppm
Freon 22 (R-22) 50-5000 ppm
Freon 500 (R-500) 100 ppm
Gasoline 100-1000 ppm (7% LEL)
Hydrogen 2000 ppm (5% LEL)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 10-20 ppm
Isobutane 3600 ppm (20% LEL)
IsoPropyl Alcohol (IPA) 200-1000 ppm
JP-4 (Jet fuel #4) 1100 ppm (10% LEL)
Kerosene 2000 ppm
Methane 2500-10000 ppm (5-20% LEL)
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) 50 ppm
Naphthalene 150 ppm
Natural Gas 5-20% LEL (2000-8000 ppm)
Propane 5-20% LEL (2000-4000 ppm)
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 20 ppm
1,1,1 Trichloroethane 10-350 ppm
Trichloroethylene 40-50 ppm
Xylene 100 ppm

SBG-200 Part Numbers and Ordering Information
When ordering an SBG-200 the gas/vapor to be detected and desired alarm calibration point in ppm (parts per million) or %LEL (lower explosions limit) must be specified.

SBG-200G-01 Factory calibrated monitor for AC or DC
SBG-200G-02 Factory calibrated monitor for AC or DC with sensor extension wire & assembly. Specify how long the wire should be when placing the order.
SBG-200G-03 Factory calibrated monitor for AC or DC with chart recorder hookup
SBG-200G-04 Factory calibrated monitor for AC or DC with chart recorder hookup & sensor extension wire & assembly. Specify how long the wire should be when placing the order.
SBG-200G-06 Factory calibrated monitor for DC 12/24v applications
AB-200 Sound and light alarm
900026 SBG-200 Owners Manual

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