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How Ultrasonics Work
How to Use the Sonic 3000
Leak Testing Large Containers
ANSI Approved Specification


  Sonic 3000 Ultrasonic Detector
The components
The Sonic 3000 is a hand held, battery powered ultrasonic sound detector. It translates inaudible, ultrasonic frequencies, into a variety of recognizable sounds and meter readings. The Sonic is capable of locating liquid and gas leaks as well as diagnosing a number of maintenance problems. The Sonic 3000 exceeds the requirements of the ASTM Standard Method of testing using ultrasonics.

The Sonic 3000 can be used to:

Detect Leaks in Unpressurized Containers & Chambers
Detect Leaks in Pressurized or Vacuum Systems
Detect Electrical Leakage, Corona, Arcing and Insulation Breakdown
Detect Machine and Mechanical Engine Problems
Detect Steam Trap Malfunctions and Fluid Flow inside systems

The Sonic 3000 Master Kit

The Sonic 3000 Master Kit includes:
Rechargeable Detector Unit in protective cover
Sound Transmitter
Contact Probe
Air Probe
Fine Extension
Focusing Extension
All packed in a foam-lined carrying case

Rechargeable Detector Unit (Part Number 3000DT)
The Rechargeable Detector Unit is the heart of the unit.  It has an analog meter, speaker, recharger jack, sensitivity control, battery check and light, speaker switch, power switch, earphone recorder jack, quick connect socket for probes, detachable handle, and probe holder.  Sensitivity and instrument calibration can be precisely controlled by a ten turn lockable knob.
The Detector has a 90 degree analog meter which provides both a linear scale and a 40dB (decibel) logarithmic scale.  The meter needle is painted in bright orange to make it easy to see in dark conditions.    Meter indications are possible even when the signal being received is too weak to activate the speaker.  The meter sensitivity exceeds the ASTM requirements.
The detector unit is protected by a vinyl slipcase which can be attached to a belt.
Sound Generator
(Part Number 3000SG)

3000sg.jpg (7520 bytes)
The generator transmits a distinctive ultrasonic signal in the 45 kilohertz region. The generator saturates an area with ultrasound which penetrates small holes, LEAKS and cracks. The Air Probe uses the escaping sound beams to home in on leaks. The generator is small enough to fit in small openings and powerful enough to make locating potential leaks easy. A light emitting diode flashes when the unit is in operation.  The generator is used inside automobiles, airplanes or any hollow tank and vessel for the checking of joints and seals.  See How To Locate Leaks Using the Transmitter
Contact Probe      
(Part Number 3000CP)

3000cp.jpg (4582 bytes)
The Contact Probe is used to detect ultrasonic sounds which are transmitted along the surface of a rigid structure.
The ultrasound may originate inside the structure or it may develop as a result of leakage through the structure.  This probe ignores all airborne sound, both sonic and ultrasonic. The long metal stylus (wave guide) has several other advantages; it allows rapid testing, access to hot or dangerous areas and access to difficult to reach locations such as buried pipes. The probe is often used to monitor machinery, locate internal leaks, find electrical arcing and analyze steam trap operation.
See How to Detect Leaks Using the Contact Probe
See How to Detect Machine Problems Using the Contact Probe


Air Probe
(Part Number 3000AP)

3000ap.jpg (5214 bytes)

The Sonic 3000 Air Probe detects airborne ultrasonic signals in a 22o angle from its tuned directional cone. It ignores all sonic background frequencies commonly found in noisy factory areas.
 The probe takes advantage of high energy, directional beams produced in the 45 kilohertz region. The Air Probe makes it easy to pinpoint leaks even at great distances.
See How to Detect Leaks Using the Air Probe
See How to Calibrate the Air Probe


Focusing Extension
(Part Number 3000FE)

3000fe.jpg (4099 bytes)
This attachment for the Air Probe focuses ultrasonic energy and narrows the search pattern of the Air Probe making it easier to spot problems at a distance. It is also used to block background interferences and to permit pinpointing of leakage where it may be dangerous for the operator to get too close to a problem area.


Fine Extension
(Part Number 3000FX)

3000fx.jpg (2581 bytes)
This attachment to the Air Probe absorbs interfering noise and narrows the search pattern to a few degrees. It is useful in locating leaks among complex piping especially when there is more than one leakage site. The fine extension makes locating small vacuum leaks easier.

ANSI Approved Specifications
ASTM E-1002 Standard Test Method for Leaks Using Ultrasonics
available from the American Society for Testing and Materials
or from American Gas & Chemical Co.

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