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Stataway 1 (Multi Purpose)

  Stataway 2
Eliminate PE Pipe Static Problems

Stataway 2 solution for PE Pipe static problems is available ready to use in pint trigger sprayers (SA-2-29), plastic gallons (SA-2-05) and 5-gallon pails (SA-2-06)


Stataway 2 is an easy, long lasting and inexpensive topical antistatic spray used for removing and preventing static charges on polyethylene gas piping..

Stop clinging, shocks, sparking
Eliminates static charges on PE gas pipe
Use before repairing, tapping, cutting, venting
Non-Toxic, Non Flammable, Safe
Humidity independent, effective even after dry
Environmentally safe
To ensure total coverage, coloring has been added
On plastic pipe or other hard surfaces Stataway 2 will cover up to 300 sq ft/gal and last from weeks to months, depending on the application and condition.

INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well. Stataway can be applied by spraying, wiping, dipping or transfer roller coating. Do not dilute. We recommend you use a fine-mist sprayer, foam roller or use a trigger sprayer at 8-12 from the surface. Stataway will immediately dissipate any static charge and will prevent future static buildup.

Non-toxic, non-flammable, safe to use, non-staining
Will not cause stress cracking
Color Pink
Freeze point -15oF
Solubility in water Complete
Density, lbs/gal 8.3
Specific Gravity 250C/400C 0.98
pH 7-8



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