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  Plant Maintenance Technology  


Thin Film Bubble Leak Testing Fluids
for leak testing pressurized systems.  It is easy to use and required little operator training.  Leak-Tec can be extremely sensitive finding very small leaks.

Ultrasonic leak detector - a multipurpose instrument for machinery diagnostics and leak detection.
Leaks and other vibration sources produce a very broad band of ultrasonic noise. This frequency is well above the sounds which the human ear can hear. The Sonic 3000 has been set to translate those frequencies into an audible output. It can be used to solve a number of different maintenance and quality problems.
High Performance Lubricant
TSI-301 is a synthetic ester lubricant whose superior lubrication efficiency can make your difficult jobs easier and help you save money and time
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Handheld Gas Leak Locators
for all combustible and many toxic gases.
Sensitive, dependable and rugged, this is an affordable detector with lots of features.

How to use the CGT-501

Inspection Penetrants are a safe, sure, fast, easy sensitive low cost way to find hidden defects in any non-porous solid. All metals can be tested in this way. Penetrants highlight flaws and leaks that are open to the surface and are too small to see by normal visual inspection. Inspection penetrants show the presence, location, nature and size of defects. Penetrants are convenient. They can travel anywhere in the field or be used where work space is limited. Penetrants can be used on very large or complex items, indoors or outdoors.

Tracer Dyes for leaking water, oil and fuel tanks and pipes.
Tracer Dyes are mixed with water or oil to be tested for leakage at its source. If the dye appears where there may have been a leak, the leak is proven. Tracer dyes are used in rivers, in toilets, in oil pipelines, and sewer systems.

Stataway 1 Topical AntiStatic Spray
Easy, long lasting and inexpensive topical antistatic sprays used for removing and preventing static charges. 

Stataway 2 has been formulated for polyethylene gas piping.

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