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The Products
Inspection Penetrant Classifications
Inspection Penetrant Glossary

What Inspection Penetrants Do
How to Choose an Inspection Penetrant
How to Use Inspection Penetrants



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U.S. Military Terminology (MIL-I-25135)
Inspection Penetrant Classifications

U.S. Miltary Terminology
Penetrants are classified according to the terminology developed in the military specification MIL-I-25135 by the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Wright Patterson also conducts qualification tests before approving each penetrant to this specification. This qualification is mandatory for a penetrant to be recognized by most users. The terminology used in the military specification has changed recently leading to some confusion. The older terminology, which dates back to 1945, was used in revisions of this specification up to revision "C" (MIL-I-25135C). The newer terminology began with revision "D" in 1984 and became "E" in 1988. Most Penetrants which were qualified to the "C" revision had to be reformulated to meet the requirements of the "D" revision. The "D" revision penetrants leave less interfering background, have a higher flash point, are less toxic, are brighter and more retentive in small flaws, are less corrosive and cost more to make. "D" revision penetrants are not always required for every application.   American Gas & Chemical Co. penetrants are qualified under the latest Qualified Products List under SAE AMS 2644C.  If you are using another brand of Inspection Penetrant, ask us for our equivalent.


Type I

Fluorescent (sensitivity levels 1/2 to 4)

Type 2

Visible (red dye)

Method A Water washable Level 1/2 Very low sensitivity
Method B Post emulsifiable, Lipophilic Level 1 Low sensitivity
Method C Solvent removable Level 2 Medium sensitivity
Method D Post emulsifiable, Hydrophilic Level 3 High sensitivity
  Level 4 Ultrahigh sensitivity
Form a Dry powder (to be used dry)
Form b Water soluble powder
Form c Water suspendable powder
Form d Nonaqueous Type 1 - for fluorescent penetrants (solvent based)
Form e Nonaqueous Type 2 - for visible penetrants (solvent based)
Form f For specific applications
Class 1 Halogenated (Non-flammable)
Class 2 Non-halogenated (Usually combustible & for nuclear use)
Class 3 For specific applications


The Products
All products have been qualified under SAE AMS 2644C

PENETRANTS (yellow & red labels) Packaging availability GAL=gallon
I (Fluorescent) A,C AG-1/2-FW x x x
I A,C AG-1C-FW x x x
I A,C AG-2A-FW x x x
I A,C AG-3A-FW x x x x
I A,C AG-4D-FW x x x x
I B,C,D AG-1-FS x x x x
I B,C,D AG-2A-FS x x x x
I B,C,D AG-3E-FS x x x x
I B,C,D AG-4B-FS x x x x
2 (Visible) A AG-1-VW x x x x
2 A AG-1A-VW x x x x
2 B,C AG-1-VS x x x x
Class 1 (Halogenated) AG-1D-RH x x x x
Class 2 (Non-halogenated) AG-2-RS x x x x
DEVELOPERS (brown labels)
I & 2 Form d & e AG-DN x x x x
I & 2 Form d & e AG-2D-DH x x x x
I Form a AG-DD Available in 10lb & 30 lb drums
I & 2 Form c AG-WD Available in 10lb & 30 lb drums
EMULSIFIERS (green labels)
1 B AG-FL x x x
1 D AG-FH x x x  
2 B AG-VL x x x
2 D AG-VH x x x


Standard Kit Packages

*Kits are normally supplied in plastic carrying cases, with instructions, and 10 lint free cloths. Refills are available for all kits.  If you don't find the kit you need, please contact customer service who will be happy to make up a kit to your requirements.

Part Number Contents*
Visible Solvent Removable Type 2
Method C
AG-VS-IK 2 AG-1-VS-15 Visible Penetrant
4 AG-1D-RH-15 Class (1) Cleaners
2 AG-2D-DH-15 Form d Developers
(Nuclear Use)
2 AG-1-VS-15 Visible Penetrants
4 AG-2-RS-15 Class (2) Cleaners
2 AG-DN-15 Form d Developers
Fluorescent Solvent
Type 1
Method C
High Sensitivity
AG-FS-3K 1 AG-3E-FS-15 Fluorescent Penetrant
2 AG-1D-RH-15 Class (1) Cleaners

1 AG-2D-DH-15 Form d Developer
1 AG-L-102 Portable Black Light
AG-FS-4K 2 AG-4B-FS-15 Fluorescent Penetrants
4 AG-1D-RH-1 5 Class (1) Cleaners
2 AG-2D-DH-15 Form d Developers
Fluorescent Water
Type I, Method A AG-FW-2K 4 AG-2A-FW-15 Fluorescent Penetrant
4 AG-2D-DH-15 Form d Developer
Type I, Method C AG-FW-3K 4 AG-3A-FW-15 Fluorescent Penetrant
2 AG-1D-RH-15 Class (1) Cleaners
2 AG-2D-DH-15 Form d Developer
Post Emulsifiable
Type I,
Methods B,C,D
AG-FSN-3K 1 AG-3E-FS-15 Fluorescent Penetrant
2 AG-2-RS-15 Class (2) Cleaners
1 AG-DN-15 Form d Developer
1 AG-L-102 Portable Black Light
High Sensitivity
2 AG-4B-FS-15 Fluorescent Penetrant
4 AG-2-RS-15 Class (2) Cleaners
2 AG-DN-15 Form d Developer
Black Light Kit L105-400 (400nm)
High power rechargeable UV LED Flashlight Kit including one black light, charger, protective pouch in carrying case.  Flashlight size: 1.34" x 6.1"  Lithium Ion rechargeable   battery. Lifetime: 100,000 hours, Aperture: zoom in-out function. Hi output, low output, flashing output modes.   Always use with safety glasses (below)
Safety Glasses for use with Black Light
Eliminates black light radiation, protecting eyes.
Improves 400nm visibility.
Impact resistant polycarbonate frames and lenses.
Fits over prescription eyeglasses.


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